Choir & Ensemble

At James Cook Primary School, we give students many opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities. There is the opportunity for grade 3-6 students who love to sing, to be part of our school choir. The choir sings a mixture of contemporary and older popular music as well as embracing the music of other cultures. We also perform Christmas songs at the end of the year at the local shopping centre and library.

The school ensemble is a chance for students with musical talent to be part of a group that builds a repertoire of contemporary and older songs throughout the year. They are lucky to be using brand new technology from Roland that allows them to learn songs at their own pace before bringing the rest of the band into their headphone monitor mix. The instruments involved are drums, guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, vocals and tuned percussion.

These students perform throughout the year at various school performance days and nights as well as the school musical and some local public performances.


James Cook Primary has been aware of the difficulties we all face with disposing of waste produced at school and within the local community for a long time. We choose to tackle the issue head on by attempting to reduce, recycle and reuse the items we no longer require as opposed to discarding it all to land fill. We have sought the expertise and experience of CERES and ResourceSmart Schools to guide us through both student and staff in-servicing, group consultation and individual visits.

Bunnings have assisted with support, discounts and generous donations in this area. Composting regimes have been created in classroom modules with associated bins placed next to all outdoor areas. They have also provided us with a Frog Pond which was installed in our Rainforest Garden, in November, 2018. We have collected clothing and toys which were gifted to the SIDS Foundation. A major change has been in our curriculum where sustainability has become an ‘Inquiry through line’ across all school levels.

Casey Council has supplied us with a substantial grant to assist us in reducing our waste and have also provided new recycling bins which are placed in classrooms to ensure paper, cardboard and bottles are disposed of correctly. They have supported us through visits, in-servicing and ongoing suggestions and advice. Junior Landcare have also provided us with a grant to refurbish the gravel area outside Module 4 and turn it into an ‘outdoor learning space.’ This will be a place where teachers can take their classes outdoors and be immersed in our natural environment, surrounded by indigenous plants and shrubs. We look forward to its completion this year.



Annual School Musical

During Term 3 of each school year, students at James Cook Primary School put on their spectacular musical performance in front of a large audience at Dandenong’s Drum Theatre complex. Every student has the opportunity to audition for a speaking role, ultimately developing confidence and speaking skills. Students become immersed in the topic of the musical through the learning of dances, songs, actions and dialogues culminating in the one night show, usually during September. Students are provided wonderful costumes for the night and can even purchase a DVD showing the performance of the night. This is a fantastic event to become a part of for students aspiring to build their performance art skills.

Student Representative Council (S.R.C.)

The SRC (Student Representative Council) provides students with an avenue for greater participation and representation in decision making about issues affecting the school community.

The committee is made up of students who are elected by their peers. The role of SRC is:

  • To share students’ ideas about issues which are valued by them and will benefit the whole school community.
  • To decide upon and organise activities to raise money and support chosen charities and school projects. The charities that the SRC has chosen to support this year are ANZAC Day, Daffodil Day (Cancer Council), Remembrance Day and Footy Colours Day to support children with cancer.
  • To liaise with the Principal, staff and the wider community.